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Academic Partnership for Sustainable Finance

The development of climate and, more generally, ESG expertise within financial institutions is a key issue in meeting environmental and social challenges. Financial institutions are facing increased recruitment needs for ESG talent and must also train their employees on sustainability issues.

Led by the Institut de la Finance Durable, in partnership with the Institut Louis Bachelier, the objective of the “academic partnership” project is to respond to the challenge of recruiting finance professionals entering the job market by supporting the integration of sustainability in initial finance training. It is aimed not only at French courses specialising in Sustainable Finance but also at general finance courses, which are undergoing an ecological transition.

The initiative thus aims to respond to the demand of students for training in sustainability issues, and to those of the market wishing to recruit professionals trained in these aspects. It aims to bring credibility to training courses that meet the criteria of a set of specifications drawn up with the members of the IFD but also in consultation with academic actors and civil society.

This partnership thus supports the ecological transition of academic actors in Finance by proposing an approach to integrate these issues into curricula, by proposing content (notably via the sustainable finance knowledge repository made available) and contacts with sustainable finance professionals from its network. The IFD is also committed to leading the network of partners involved in this initiative.

Are you running a Sustainable Finance course in France and interested in joining the partnership? Contact Marguerite Culot (IFD) for more information.


Discover the documents (available in French only):

Cahier des charges du Partenariat Académique

Référentiel de connaissances en finance durable