Call for Papers | Review of World Economics – Special Issue

The Institut Louis Bachelier and the Banque de France have the pleasure to invite academics, regulators and professionals to submit research papers for a special issue of the Review of World Economics peer-reviewed leading journal. This special issue, entitled “Advances in Green Finance Research: Rethinking the horizon of climate-related risks and implications for the financial system”, will build on the themes of the Green Finance Research Advances conference organized last December.  


Climate-related risks to the financial system require a clear understanding of long-term phenomena governing the joint evolution of climate and the economy. The latest IPCC reports highlighted however that the 1.5°C warming threshold could be reached between 2030-52 without an ambitious climate policy, with probable irreversible consequences on ecosystems and economic implications that are difficult to estimate. 

Calls have therefore multiplied to accelerate the pace of the transition to a low-carbon economy. The short and medium-term aspects of this transition are crucial for an orderly transition and have been less well studied so far. 

This call for papers aims to highlight the short and medium-term climate risks and obstacles to the transition to Net Zero, and the role of central banks in addressing them.

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