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Green and Sustainable Finance program: summary of launch seminar

ILB  “Green and Sustainable Finance” program: lessons from the workshop of 18 September, ideas and upcoming events

The launch workshop of the “Green and Sustainable Finance” program took place on 18 September 2018 at the Collège de France. The workshop, chaired by Pierre-Louis Lions, brought together a large part of the French academic research community in green and sustainable finance, and the professional community was also well represented. The discussions highlighted a wide variety of topics addressed by French research in green and sustainable finance, and there was much positive feedback from industry partners on the quality of this research. However, even if there are no major gaps, priorities, expectations and time scales may be different between academics and practitioners: it is important for researchers to assume their role in informing businesses about the state of the art of climate risk research. The community of practitioners, on the other hand, must be ready to share data and to welcome trainees on green and sustainable finance, which is a prerequisite for the opening of university courses on this subject.

Next steps in the construction of the Grand Program:

  • Constitution of the scientific committee (in progress)
  • Organization of the “Green Finance Research Advances” conference with the Banque de France on November 27
  • Launch of two working groups
    1. “Methodological and scientific approaches to implementation of the TCFD (Task Force for Climate-Related Financial Disclosures): risks and scenario”
    2. “Green Climate Data, and ESG for Research and Practitioners”
  • Launch of the Green Data Lab early 2019 with, in particular, the recruitment of trainees to develop demonstrators on specific topics
  • Organization of a summer school on green and sustainable finance

Please see the attached file for a detailed summary of the discussions which took place at the workshop (in French): summary18september