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ILB ESG Data Cartography Enables Academic and Practitioners Identify Relevant Data Providers

During the “ESG Database Project: Surfing the Sustainability Wave” event hosted on September 22nd, 2022, at Palais Brongniart, the Institut Louis Bachelier (ILB) presented Pladifes, a new research programme they coordinate, and hosted a roundtable about the existing initiatives aiming at facilitating the access to extra-financial data.

Thibaud Barreau, Data Scientist (ILB) and João Paulo Sertã, Head of ESG Lab (ILB) unveiled a first tool that enables academic and practitioners identify the relevant data providers they can work with for their specific use case when requiring extra financial data.

The ESG Data Cartography is the first mapping proposition of all conventional and alternative entities (ESG data providers, specialized providers, startups, open-source platform, NGOs, …) having relevant data for dealing with main green and sustainable finance use cases. 

It is a free tool accessible to everyone, under continuous development and dynamically updated by the data providers.

This project was developed by the Institut Louis Bachelier Datalab and the research program Green and Sustainable Finance (GSF), within the Pladifes project, financed by the French National Agency of Research (ANR). This tool can be complemented by the French research map on green and sustainable finance, a cartography of the research actors in this field.

Discover the ESG Data Cartography.

Watch the replay of the launch event.