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The beginning of 2022 was marked by numerous publications in law and sustainable finance.

Firstly, Charlotte Gardes and Mayeul Fournier de Saint Jean led a dossier entitled “What are the regulatory, legal and implementation issues for the development of sustainable finance?

Without claiming to be exhaustive, this dossier aims to offer its readers with as detailed and applied an explanation as possible of the many issues of interpretation, articulation of interpretation, articulation, data collection and implementation that the development of a banking and financial law in line with sustainable development objectives. Much has been done, but much remains to be done to ensure that finance is fully sustainable – both in the design of the rule and in its implementation. The various studies in this dossier outline the myriad of existing and future challenges.

This dossier includes:

  • “The new reporting obligations of issuers and investors” by Charlotte Gardes and Mayeul Fournier de Saint Jean – article 2
  • “Applying the European Taxonomy” by Charlotte Gardes,Sylvain Sourisseau and Stéphane Voisin (Head of the Green and Sustainable Finance program of Institut Louis Bachelier) – article 3
  • “Climate neutrality within reach of companies?” by Nathan Arriba-Sellier, César Dugast, Julie Ansidei and Guillaume Castelbou – article 4
  • “Just Transition, a relevant concept for sustainable finance?” by Béatrice Parance, Farid Lamara, Camille Laurens-Villain and Charlotte Gardes – article 5
  • “The impact of sustainability on the strategy and internal functioning of companies” by Sophie Pierson and Mayeul Fournier de Saint Jean – article 6
  • “Putting corporate responsibility at stake in the era of climate emergency” by Edouard Raffin – article 7

References of the dossier: Cahiers de droit de l’entreprise n° 1, Janvier 2022, dossier 1

In addition, Virgine Mercier pusblished a study on sustainable finance. This study focuses on four main points:  

  • Chapter 1 – Ethical approaches undertaken by financial actors
  • Chapter 2 – The efficiency of ethical approaches undertaken by financial players
  • Chapter 3 – The methods of financing ethical approaches used by the finance sector
  • Chapter 4 – A normative framework under construction

References of the study: Virginie Mercier, Finance Durable, Bulletin Joly Bourse, 3 février 2022

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